Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is an organization which was founded in 1884. The organization is structured to provide transitional support from a student to a professional realm; whereby, the student and professional chapters work together to form collaborative efforts for the benefit of its members. San Jose State University is the most active student IEEE branch in the Bay Area. For this reason, we are committed to giving the best services to our members. This includes study areas, senior project lab room, computer lab, locker usage, snack bar, networking, and more. Join IEEE now and enjoy these great services! Check out this months’ activities. We provide our members with the resources necessary for success in achieving their targeted degree. In addition, we serve as a liaison between the Electrical Engineering Department and its students.


2018-2019 Officers
Chair: Nicolas Diken
Vice Chair: Thomas Sciaroni
Treasurer: Ameen Saleminik
Secretary: Mari Tateishi
Event Coordinator: Akash Vachhani

2017-2018 Officers
Chair: Alyssa Sandore
Vice Chair: Nicolas Diken
Secretary: Dillion Dutt
Treasurer: Milad Moghimi
Project Coordinator: Josef Salonga
IT/Webmaster: AJ Singh
Associate Officers: Thomas Baker & Chris Cote

Chair: Justin Sahdeo
Vice Chair: Alric Siu
Secretary: Irvin Guerra
Treasurer: Bryce Murphey
Project Coordinator: Edward Lee
IT/Webmaster: Alyssa Sandore
Events Coordinator: Michelle Geiger

2016-2017 Officers
Chair: Kyle Lee
Vice Chair: Michelle Geiger
Secretary: Octavio Flores
Treasurer: Justin Sahdeo
Project Coordinator: Denndy Nguyen
IT/Webmaster: Tao Peng

2015-2016 Officers
Chair: Wayse Akbar
Vice Chair: Thomas Baker
Secretary: Kyle Lee
Treasurer: Navid Sharifi
Project Coordinator: Denndy Nguyen
IT/Webmaster: Gerry Ramos

2014-2015 Officers
Chair: Max S.
Vice Chair: Ismael G.
Secretary: David C.
Treasurer: Luis M.
Activities Director: Jackqulin C.
Project Coordinator: Noe Q.
IT/Webmaster: Ye L.

2013-2014 Officers
Chair: Christian Alviso
Vice Chair: Willy Ten
Secretary: Matthew Claussen
Treasurer: Mike Wilk
Activities Director: Ismael Gomez
Project Coordinator: Kevin Adinata
IT/Webmaster: Nathan Wong